Be calm and hang up the phone/device you're using to speak with them.


Review these scam caller warning signs and think if they apply to you:

  • Very persistent and or abusive.

  • The call was unsolicited.

  • Claimed to be from a large organisation.

  • Claimed they needed to help you via Remote Access.

If any of the above apply to you then do not answer the phone when they try to call you back.

bSafe is designed to keep scammers from accessing your PC and prevent damage, financial or otherwise.

Now take a moment to reflect on the recent phone call and ask yourself if you have provided any personal or financial information to the caller. If you have then please take immediate action by contacting your financial institute in question and advising them. If you have provided any sensitive personal information it may be prudent to contact your local police and make some kind of report/statement regarding the incident.

Where to get help?

Please refer to the ACCC's Scamwatch website (Australia only) or your local relevant body for further assistance.


If you're having any trouble please contact our support team via email




For Your PC


Tel: 1300 540 271 Australia Only

Int: +61 7 5448 3096 International

Peregian Beach

Queensland, Australia

*Remote access software includes any readily available free, anonymous remote desktop/access software tools. Teamviewer is a great example of this. We do not offer protection for remote access software which requires a signup process in order to use, this is not deemed readily available. We do not offer protection for enterprise solutions as these systems aren't typically used by scammers due to costs and loss of anonymity.

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